"666: The Mark of the Beast" (Barcodes & Microchips)

by Mauda Shakur

A secret meeting took place in November of 1910 with Wall Streets wealthiest bankers at Jekyll Island, Georgia, the private resort of J.P. Morgan. The Rothschilds and the Rockefeller investments were the main interests. At this meeting the plans were made for the U.S. Central Bank called the Federal Reserve, a privately owned bank controlled by the major stock holders - the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. (Washington Post 3/27/83)

The banking House of Rothschild in London has been the major economic power in the world for several centuries and long associated with the Secret Order of the Illuminatti, which is bent on world domination and satanic activity.

Taking the name Rothschild from the coat of arms of the city of Frankfurt, Germany, Mayer Amschel Bauer changed his name to Rothschild. (German for red shield) The shield has an eagle to which Rothschild added 5 arrows to the eagles claws, representing the 5 banking houses they operate in Frankfurt, London, Paris (Lazard Freres) Vienna, and Naples. Baron Edmond de Rothschild heads the London office of N.M. Rothschild & Co. where everyday the international price of gold for the world is set. Gold and diamonds stolen from Africa with the help of Cecil Rhodes and now Harry Oppenheimer of Debeers Diamonds and Anglo-American.

Wall St. before it became the major center for trading stock was trading Africans in the slave trade, which is how they became so wealthy. J.P. Morgan & Co. originated as George Peabody & Co. in 19th century Boston slave trade along with Brown Bros. Harriman banking firm of George Bushes source of wealth through his father Prescott Bush. J.P. Morgan is the Rothschild banking house in the U.S. through it's controlling stock held in the Federal Reserve.

The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds seek to control all buying and selling through out the world, as written of in the book of revelation, through control of NAFTA, GATT, and electronic financial transactions. The David Rockefeller controlled VISA and Mastercard (VISA =( VI=6 in Roman numerals,( S=6 or Sigma in Greek), (A=6 in Babylonian; VISA/666, also see AVIS) and the Rothschild's Society for World Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) are swiftly replacing paper money with an ATM type card called a "smart card". The smart card will be used for all financial and I.D. purposes. The cards will use a microchip instead of a magnetic strip. The chip has more capabilities and stores more information. Presently, all merchandise will soon be required to have a bar code called a universal product code (UPC) distributed by the Uniform Code Council in Dayton, Ohio. It will be placed on drivers license, plates, I.D.'s, etc. they are practically everywhere, I'm sure you've noticed. This mark is used to track people as well.

It is now becoming common place to implant microchips into peoples heads and hands giving reference to the scripture, they had the mark of the beast in their forehead and in their hands. A former member of the research team to develop the chip, Dr. Carl Sanders, exposed the intent of the technology. He explained that in order for the chip to recharge there would have to be constant changes in temperature at the chips location. That just so happens to be in the forehead and the back of the hand where temperature changes occur most often.

Times Newspaper Limited 10/17/94 says that over the past decade over 15,000 people had microchips implanted into their brains supposedly for medical purposes. But the article also quotes Dr. Terry Hembrect, a director at NIH (National Institute of Health), who said that it could be used to program the mind.

SWIFT, located in Brussels, has a giant computer capable of monitoring everyone in the world and issuing I.D. numbers to all of us. It is claimed that it can speak and coincidentally, it is nicknamed "the Beast". Robert Moore, senior V.P. of Chemical bank and U.S. director of SWIFT is assigned to get all U.S. banks on line. SWIFT has built a message switching center in Culpepper, Va. at the Federal Reserve Communication System which is underground. (American Banker 6/18/79)

Mastercard and VISA international have been meeting at their headquarters, Mastercard in N.Y. and VISA in San Francisco, to complete the smart card plans to replace cash for cards by 1995-96. (American Banker 6/22/94) Everyone will have to be in the SWIFT computer ("the Beast") that communicates with all other computers by their universal I.D. number: 666. All grocery stores are being put on line right now! Will you take the mark to buy food?

Why aren't the ministers, reverends, and priests looking for the ones who are in control of buying and selling as the scripture warns us about? They aren't looking for anyone. Have they cut their deal with the beast?

Apparently keeping quiet is the deal. And anyone in their church or temple who has the courage to point out the ones the scripture warns us about, they are kicked out of the temple or silenced. They are protecting the ones that are destroying the Earth and it's people. The shepherd must be accountable for the condition of the sheep and not be afraid to fight off the wolves if the sheep are to survive. This is the divine duty charged to the shepherd by the Divine Creator. The shepherds may find themselves an accomplice to the wolf in the death of the sheep. It's time for us to discard the rhetoric and analyze the facts for ourselves.